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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Noam Chomsky 'Because we say so'

Another Chomsky from Audible. 
As an audiobook, I enjoyed 'Understanding Power' far much more than this one, but, it's still a great collection of his recent writing (2011-15). 

Looking back, Hitchens' critique of Chomsky 's position immediately after 9-11 was misguided. As much as I like Hitchens' writing in general, on this issue and later his fervent support of the invasion of Iraq, it was very unfortunate. Chomsky's subsequent rebuttal was sharp, precise and deadly.  

This book is a powerful and rigorous indictment of the forces that sabotage the true meaning of democracy. 
His voice definitely needs to be heard. 

"Unless the powerful are capable of 
learning to respect the dignities of the victims,
impassable barriers will remain. 
And the world will be doomed to 
violence, cruelty and bitter suffering."

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