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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Plein Air Oil Painting

I drove to Yea, 1.5 hour drive north east of Melbourne, this afternoon. 
It's a very scenic drive particularly from Yarra Glen along Melba Hwy. 

After lunch, I set up easel here, looking towards Shire Hall. 

It was very peaceful. I spent 2 hours. 

Oil on panel. 12x16 in. 

There's a very modern Tourist Information Centre across the street, and I asked a man about some place I can go and paint. 
It was already 4pm, so I decided to go to the nearest one, that was 'Killingworth Rd'. It sounds very intimidating, though. 

As it turned out, it was a beautiful area, sinuous contours of hills and mountains appearing one after another. 
I set up my easel here at Goulburn River Pump Station. 

Again, it was very quiet, I could hear nothing but buzzing flies. Very annoying. One of them got stuck in my nostril!

I spent 2.5 hours. I forgot to put cows in the field :(

Oil on panel. 16x20 in. 

I liked the area a lot. The town itself isn't that charming, but, I'd like to explore its surroundings in the near future. 

It was a great day. 

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