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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Plein Air Oil Painting

I drove to Ivanhoe again. 
There's a charming building across the salon, now occupied by 'Kidstuff'.
I always wanted to paint it. Unfortunately, it's been ruined by horrible business signs everywhere but, never mind, I set up my easel here. 

I decided not to paint traffic lights at front. I thought it won't contribute to overall composition. 

I really struggled this one. I just couldn't get its perspective right. I ended up doing initial wash/sketch three times, wiping off the whole thing. I tried to be patient, because I knew this one was a great subject to study. I think I spent 1.5 hours even before putting colours in. 

Again, I bumped into some clients, and that was nice. 
I spent 4 hours. I learned a lot. 

Oil on panel. 16x20in. 


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