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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Breakfast with Lucian - A Portrait of the Artist


Another wonderful audiobook from Audible, written by Geordie Greig and narrated by John Standing. 

This is a fascinating insight into one of the greatest painters in the history of modern art. 
Unlike reading an exhibition catalog, this book offers very intimate accounts based on his interviews during a breakfast at Clark's, hence its title. 
The author used to see a daughter of his second wife, Caroline. Pure coincidence, he insists. 

Through all those intriguing stories in the book, we feel a bit closer to this otherwise ferociously private artist. I liked it a lot. 

"I sometimes looked so hard at the subject that they would undergo involuntary magnification "
"If I concentrated enough, the intensity of scrutiny alone would force life into the pictures "

This is a good interview of the author by none other than Lynn Barber. 

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