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Monday, January 30, 2017

David Hockey, John Olsen exhibition at NGV

I went to NGV to see these exhibitions in the morning. 


I don't have much to say about this one. A guided tour was good, as always. 
His works on iPad are interesting, though. I can't help but think about Fauvism when I see them. Not a big fan. 
However, I hugely admire his passion for art. Apparently he has an insatiable appetite for drawing even at his age. That's very inspiring. 

I saw some masterpieces by Rembrandt upstairs. 'Two old men disputing', particularly is a great one. There's so much to learn from this. 

Then, I went to Federation Square to see this one. 


I actually liked his mark making. I do prefer Fred Williams, though. There are lots of ceramic works on display, and I loved these pottery. 

This is a good quote. 


There was a great self portrait by Hugh Ramsay upstairs. It's always nice to ses him in the flesh. 

Now, off to Greg's class. 

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