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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

'Who Rules the World?' by Noam Chomsky

Another healthy dose of Chomsky, this time, borrowed from a local library. Read in a rather sober voice by Brian Jones, which I liked. 

Again, a very deep analysis of US foreign policies. I particularly liked detailed account of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and US involvement in the matter. 
There's a wide range of issues he covers in this book, starting from Chapter One in which he deals with the responsibility of so-called 'intellectuals'. 
Such an inspiring voice indeed. 

"Prospects for decent survival 
are not high. 
Unless there's a significant 
change of course. 
A large share of responsibility 
is in our hands. 
The opportunities as well."

By the way, a very timely one. 

Obama's surprising about-face (concerning illegal settlements in occupied territories) at UN Security Council recently, regardless of his motive (one can be very cynical) and John Kerry's impassioned and fierce defence are interesting development to watch. (I've read Chomsky's piece on this one, titled 'US Isolation'.)

And reaction to it. 
Particularly in this country, comments by PM Turnbull "deeply unsettling" (Is that a pun? I wonder) and FM Bishop "one-sided resolutions targeting Israel". One can clearly see how powerful Israeli lobbies are in Australia. 
Let alone Abbot's characteristic drivel. 
He never seems to stop. 

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