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Saturday, March 18, 2017

'Faster' by The Australian Ballet

I went to State Theatre after work.
This is the first ballet this year. I had booked three. 


There are three programs in this production.
Faster, Squander And Glory, and Infra. 
Faster was very interesting. It tries to emulate Olympic sports with a variety of choreographies, some of which were quite comical. 
The second act was very sleek and stylish. Very clever use of a mirror as a background, that gave a whole movement another dimension. Mesmerising lighting effects, as well. 
The last act was, I think, a standout. One can't go wrong with Max Richter's touching music. Very emotive movements one after another, with beautiful fluidity. 
It was a fitting finale to this 'modern' program by the prestigious ballet company. 
I liked it a lot. 

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