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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Van Gogh and the Seasons at NGV

I went to members' preview this evening. 

It was a very well organised event;  a complimentary glass of wine, a brilliant curator's talk by Sophie, a cellist playing Bach.....
Great thing was, it was very quiet initially. I got there at 5:30, and went straight to the exhibition, and there was hardly anyone!! 
I bumped into my client and that was great too. I ended up hanging around until 9pm. 

As for the exhibition, there are three sections. First, introductory video room. Second, Japanese wood prints. Then 50 or so Van Gogh's paintings and drawings categorised by seasons. 
I always prefer his works before he moved to Paris, particularly paintings done in Nuenen. I saw great paintings in the exhibition, so that was great. 
It's a tremendous effort by NGV to put together this exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll definitely come back again. 


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