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Monday, May 15, 2017

Oil Painting lesson with Gregory Smith

I took Chontell, an apprentice in the salon, to the studio this evening. 
I haven't done a portrait for a long time, except occasional selfie for fun. So, with all other fellow artists, it was a great opportunity to do it under a guidance of a master. 
The hardest thing about Greg's method is, to dispose of our habits of drawing lines at an initial stage. Otherwise the painting would lose its painterly essence. 
I'm so used to it now. Or rather, I should. In a way, it's actually so much easier to start a painting because there's no pressure. Just throw in Raw Umber and Light Red, and wipe it off with a rag...
Then comes a time when we strictly measure proportions again and again... Creating a three dimensional sculpture on a canvas.

She did a fabulous job as a model. Everybody loved the session. 
I'm reasonably happy with my painting so far. It needs lots of adjustments but it's a good start. 

  Work in progress. 16x20 in. 

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