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Monday, May 29, 2017

Oil Painting lesson with Gregory Smith

Today is the third session and the last one. 
Greg did a quick demo on how to suggest her curly hair. That was nice. 

My skin colours were very muddy, so, he suggested that I should introduce Cad Red. It's very fascinating to see how much blood started to circulate under her skin, even in shadow area. 
I had to be very careful with Cad Red, otherwise, it would become too pinkish. 

John Singer Sargent's maxim, "A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth", is so true. 
Well, there're so many things wrong in my painting, but, if Sargent found it hard to do a mouth, that would give me some consolation. 

Chontelle was truly a great model. She not only did a great job, but also brought a lovely atmosphere in the studio. 
We all enjoyed this portrait sessions. 

Unfinished. 16x20 in. 

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