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Friday, July 14, 2017

The man who mistook his wife for a hat by Oliver Sacks

Another audiobook borrowed from Melbourne Library Service, brilliantly read by Jonathan Davis. 

I had read this fascinating book around the time when the film 'Awakenings' was released, I guess it was in the 90s. It was a Japanese translation. 

It's always a fascinating experience to read again books written in English, the books I had read in Japanese years ago. 
In a bizarre way, I've always found it much easier to get into it when I read in English. I don't read almost anything in Japanese now. 
The same is true of watching films. I hardly watch Japanese films, I've found them boring. Anyway, I've once realised that I was watching 'Jiro dreams of sushi' (a superb documentary) reading English subtitles!

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Renae Barrass said...

One of my all time favourite books Hiro! I once heard an audiobook read by Oliver Sacks himself - can't remember if it was this book or another of his. Never seen awakenings - must check it out.