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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Australian Ballet - Symphony in C

After work, my last day at Zucci Hairdressing, I drove to Arts Centre.

It was a beautiful opening with 'From Silence'. When the curtain was up, we saw a ballerina with stunning scarlet costume gracefully floating up in the air by a male dancer, with meditative piano music by Michael Nyman. 

This was followed by four small pieces. I particularly liked 'Little Atlas' with music by my favourite Ludovico Einaudi. Very cool costume and lighting effects as well. 

The second half was the title piece by George Balanchine. Brilliant work. What else do we expect from this master choreographer? Well, I really don't know anything about ballet, but, this one was spectacular. 

I love going to see  Australian Ballet. It's a privilege. 

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