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Monday, September 25, 2017

Very promising hairstylist in Melbourne

I had a great chat with Hiroko at cafe in Collingwood this morning. A lovely person. 

I first met her when she won IHS Cutting Competition in 2013. A brilliant work. As it turned out, it was created by an apprentice at BIBA Academy. Well, she introduced herself as “Hiro”. Then I introduced myself as “Hiro”.  We both laughed. 

She was this year’s HairExpo finalist for New Creative Force. Also, she told me she recently came back from New Zealand for Wella Trend Vision event. 

It’s fascinating to meet someone whose creativity is flourishing so spectacularly in a foreign city. Her editorial work is very strong. I’ve absolutely no idea how she does it!
As someone who is passionate about oil painting, but not fashion and glamour, I was still very inspired by her. 
So, watch out for this creative force. 

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