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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Creative Haircutting Workshop at Covet&Co

Unlike previous Zucci Hairdressing, who dared to deprive me of an opportunity to conduct a training session for its own apprentice (the most despicable experience I’ve ever had), Covet&Co is very supportive of the idea that I shall share the knowledge and wisdom with any hairstylists who wish to move onto a higher level in the field.

Photo by Hiro

What is your definition of “cutting hair?”
I give you mine.
“Create a sculpture using hair as a material.”
That’s why we need to be artists if you consider cutting hair is a form of art.

I’m very worried that hairstylists are just learning a formula, “Sectioning this and that. 45 degrees graduation. Overdirecting that much.. etc”, without thinking creatively. Wrongly convinced that “Now I can do a graduated bob!” Such a mechanical approach to haircutting only leads to a mass production of ‘experienced’ philistines.

Can anyone answer this question, “Why do you wet hair before cutting?”

The idea is, if you’re serious and want to create a shape as an artist rather than just cut hair as a hairdresser, I’m more than happy to spend some time with you irrespective of your previous experience.

As I don’t believe cutting mannequin hair will get you anywhere, you’ll definitely need to bring a model.
The session starts off with a quick drawing practice. That’s because drawing is the fundamental to any visual arts.
More than anything else, what I’m trying to share with you is NOT “how to cut hair”, but “how to see shape as an artist”.

So, if you’re passionate, willing to acquire a new pair of eyes of an artist and have a go at it in a friendly environment, please contact me.

The following is my brief profile.

1992- Trained and worked in Japan.

1994- Toni & Guy Academy in London under the tutelage of Christian Mascolo

1995- Trained and worked in London

1999- Trained and worked in Japan

2000- BIBA Academy in Melbourne, Australia

My first job in Melbourne was at BIBA in Moonee Ponds. I was very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to work at the best salon/academy in Australia.
Since then I’ve worked at various salons.

Most importantly, I’ve been studying tonal realism oil painting with Gregory Smith since 2013.


Winner: 2006 HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championship, Ladies practical haircut- open

People’s Choice Award: 2010 Kodak Salon at Centre for Contemporary Photography

3rd, 4th place: 2018 Hugh Ramsay Award at Gregory R. Smith School of Painters

2nd, 4th place: 2019 Hugh Ramsay Award at Gregory R. Smith School of Painters

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