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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

VCA Dance: Program One 2017

After work, I went to Space 28 in Southbank.
I’ve been coming to see this dance students’ end of year performance for a while. 
Tonight’s features 1st and 2nd year students’ work entitled ‘re: moving’.  Very clever. 

‘In Two’ by Anna Smith was a standout. Her name is familiar to me. I always love her choreography. Very powerful, energetic and lyrical movements compensate each other. 
Lighting and costumes were also brilliant. 
More than anything else, her choice of music, firstly Steve Reich and then ‘Dream 3’ by my favourite Max Richter. 
It was absolutely beautiful. Probably the best I’ve seen in this studio space. It was a fantastic finale. 

I also liked ‘No One Knows’ by Rochelle Carmichael. This one was an opener. Her name is also familiar. Again, I always liked her work. 
This choreography was good and mesmerising with thunderous sound but I found their performance was a bit clumsy. 

It was a great evening. I’m looking forward to seeing Program Two in November. 

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