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Monday, November 27, 2017

A Rift in the Earth

Subtitled ‘Art, Memory and the Fight for a Vietnam War Memorial’, this is another superb audiobook from Audible, written by James Reston Jr and narrated by Jeff Cummings. 

I’ve seen Academy Award winning documentary ‘Maya Lin- A Strong Vision’, so, the story in this book was very familiar to me. 
Also, there’re many great documentaries about the war itself by Ken Burns, John Pilger to name a few. 

This book focuses on the design competition of the Memorial. Its political, asthetic and social repercussions. 

I’m particularly interested in the intellectual punch-up and philosophical differences between Maya Lin and Fredrick Hart. In short, modern non-representational language of design vs classic representational one. 

This book gives us a detailed timeline surrounding one of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world. 

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