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Monday, November 13, 2017

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

This is definitely the best audiobook from Audible I’ve listened to.  Superbly written by Walter and masterfully narrated by Alfred Molina.

I had read a great biography of Steve Jobs by the same author. I’m very fond of his writing style and the way he put together fascinating life stories. 

Da Vinci’s thoughts on painting were very refreshing, I thought. He was one of the first ‘tonal painters’,  I reckon.  He clearly recognised that there are no outlines in nature. Therefore we shouldn’t draw outlines when painting. 

With accompanying PDF files, this audiobook is a wonderful way to get closer to one of the most creative persons ever lived.  

“The first intention of the painter is to make a flat surface display a body as if modeled and separated form this plane.... This accomplishment, with which the science of painting is crowned, arises form light and shade, or we may say chiaroscuro. There are two principal parts into which painting is divided: ...the outlines which surround the shapes of solid bodies...and secondly what is called shading”

“There are three branches of perspective; first, the diminution of objects as they recede from the eye, known as Diminishing Perspective. Second, the way in which colors vary as they recede from the eye. Third, the explanation of how the objects in a picture ought to be less perfect and complete in proportion to their remoteness. The names are as follows: Linear Perspective, The Perspective of Color, The Perspective of Disappearance.”

These words are precisely what I hear from Greg. It's very exciting to think that I'm a student of this Old Master as well. 

Also, here is a great lecture by the author. 

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