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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Loving Vincent - film

I went to Palace Cinema in Westgarth this morning.

Almost everything about Van Gogh has been published, so, there’s nothing new in this film. 
I’ve found the story line is very skimpy and boring.  

The only appeal the film possesses is, yes, how it’s done visually.  According to its website, the film was first shot using actors and then every single frame was painted over in oil, like, rotoscoping. 

The result is an astoundingly beautiful ‘moving picture’ that surely stimulates our visual senses. 

Does this film give me a profound impression? Definitely no. I’d rather go to a gallery to see his paintings (impossible in Melbourne), or, read his letters. 
Actually, the most moving scene in this film is when it quotes his writings.  

I still recommend this film. But, reading his letters in a book will give you far much more insight into his mind. And surely a more touching experience. 

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