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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Max Meldrum & Associates

My client recently dropped in the salon and kindly asked me to have a look at this book at home. 

I saw the book at State Library a couple of years ago, but as you know, we can’t borrow books from there. So, I was super excited to have another look at it, spending as much time as I like. 

When I was cutting her hair, she told me a fascinating story. She knew I’m a painter and she asked me if I’ve heard of Archie Colquhoun. I was surprised that she mentioned his name, because very few people in Australia have heard of his name I guess. He’s not a familiar name as an artist. 

Obviously I wouldn’t have heard of him if I hadn’t have been studying with Greg. Greg often tells us about his teacher Graham Moore. Archie was his teacher. Max Meldrum was a teacher of Archie! 

Ok. It goes like this. 

The founder of Australian tonal realism movement is Max Meldrum. The torch was passed on to Archie Colquhoun, then Graham Moore. Now, Gregory Smith. It’s an incredible heritage. 

So, going back to her story. 
She worked at a nursing home, and one of her patients was Archie. That’s how she got to know him. She told me lots of interesting stories about him and his family. She also told me she has some paintings by him and others. 
It was unbelievable. It’s such a fascinating life story. 

Well, going back to the book. I actually bought one from City Basement Books last Monday. I couldn’t resist it. 

Unlike books on Australian Impressionism or Heidelberg School, it’s very rare to find books on Max Meldrum and his influence on Australian tonalist painters. 

This book is a little treasure, a rare find. It’s another reminder that how privileged I have been to have the opportunity to study with Greg. 

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