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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Divine Michelangelo

Borrowed from a local library, this BBC documentary is a concise life story of this genius. 

Well, it’s a pointless exercise to think about which one is greater genius, Leonardo or Michelangelo?
However, I always thought Michelangelo’s achievements are far much greater. 
As mentioned in this film, just think about it. Pieta, David, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s.... Astonishing. 
Even the name sounds much gutsier, well, to my ears at least. 

I particularly liked its docudrama style of this film, very well acted as well. 
Another superb production from BBC. 
I’m in a mood of Michelangelo at the moment, ever since I read ‘Oil and Marble’ by Stephanie Story. 
Both are highly recommended. 

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