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Monday, January 29, 2018

TRIENNIAL exhibition at NGV

I had to go to city this morning, so I had a look at this contemporary art & design exhibition. 
It’s a “celebration” of this modern art practice, according to the Gallery. 

Well, I found it very uninspiring. The way NGV used the gallery space upstairs is just a mess, putting these modern art in a room full of old masters’ paintings. I just couldn’t get it. 

Even in the main gallery on the ground floor, I found the only one art work was interesting. 
Yamagami Yukihiro’s ‘Shinjuku calling’ is a wonderful example of fusing modern technology with traditional practice of drawing. The result is a poetic exploration of modern life in metropolis. 

However, I found a little treasure upstairs. Look!

Hugh Ramsay and Corot side by side. That made my day, really. 

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