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Monday, January 08, 2018

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting

I’ve just happened to come across this great lecture. 
It’s an introduction to a blockbuster exhibition at National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. 

It focuses on Vermeer and his contemporaries, how they exchanged artistic ideas and influenced each other in mid 17 centuries Holland. 

Well, it brings together more than 70 works, of which 10 are Vermeer’s. Can you imagine that? 

I really liked the way they displays paintings according to their relationship with each other, compositionally and thematically. Very clever.

I had a look at the Gallery’s website. I was very impressed. There’s a plethora of materials in there for us to learn. And the design is very clean and simple, easy to navigate. 
They really put our NGV to shame. I always feel horrified every time I go to NGV’s website. It’s a full of clutter, not much substances. 
And there’s no way NGV can put together an exhibition with this magnitude.  

Well, if there’s one reason to go to America right now, this is it. 

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