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Monday, February 12, 2018

My Left Foot - film and Christy Brown

What is your favourite Daniel Day-Lewis film? One of the greatest actors ever.
It’s really a tough one. I’d say, In the Name of the Father. Well, it’s a long story. 

Then, this one. Definitely. 

I had seen it a long time ago. I was at Ivanhoe Library last week and I thought I should see it again now that I’m a painter myself. 

What an astonishing performance! 

However, as you probably know, this Oscar winning film left out a truly tragic ending of the life of Christy Brown. If you don’t know, you need to read a book by Georgina Louise Hambleton. 
I’m not so sure why the film makers decided to choose that rather misleading ‘happy’ ending. 

Like I said, because I practise painting myself now, looking back at his artistic life, as tragic as it was, I’m enormously inspired by this man. The book of the same title by himself is also worth reading.

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