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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Cairo by Chris Womersley

Recommended by my client, this is a fascinating audiobook from Audible, well narrated by Damien Warren-Smith.

I knew there’s a painting in NGV by Picasso, ‘Weeping Wonan’, but had no idea about its heist. Scince then I’ve read a lot of stuff on the net. It’s really a great crime (?), totally unbelievable. 

This book cleverly intertwines fictional events with this painting, set in Melbourne 1986.
Obviously I can’t feel nostalgic while reading this, I wasn’t here, but, the author succeeds in recreating a vibrant, rough and tumble Fitzroy area very well. 

The ending was a bit predictable, but, I thoroughly enjoyed this coming of age story telling. It’s a great homage to a bygone era in the 80s when everything was so relaxed that this ‘victimless crime’ actually happened, and artists/bohemians could afford to live in Fitzroy. 

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