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Monday, April 09, 2018

Painting trip to Maldon - Day 2

I stayed at Simply Red. I was looking for Airbnb on Saturday night. Because it’s only a night stay on Sunday, there weren’t many accommodations available. I’m extremely lucky to have found this place. There’re so many lovely charm in this place. I loved it. 
It’s really a shame that I could afford only a night this time. 

I drove to town early in the morning and decided to set up my easel here. A morning light was just glorious. 

Although there weren’t many people there were road works going on, so, it was a bit noisy. Well, I mean, for a small town. 
I’m happy with this one. I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

Lunch is a takeaway from Gold Exchange Cafe, my favourite. I sat in a garden. By then it got very quiet. Lovely feeing. 

I decided to do one more painting in town and set up my easel here, looking towards a post office. 

Buildings are always a challenge. This one is fairly complex. As the sun moves, everything changes. It was very tricky. I don’t think I did a good job on this one. I spent 3 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

It was a fantastic weekend. I’m glad I did this trip. Weather was just divine. I love the area.
I’ll definitely come back. 

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