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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Michael Rubbo at Clunes Booktown Festival

In the morning, I drove to Clunes. I had absolutely no idea there’s a book festival over the weekend. 
First thing in the morning, I joined a historical tour. That was very interesting. 

Last night, I was looking at the program on their website, and found an author called Michael Rubbo giving a talk titled ‘Travels with my Art’ from 11am. 
Then, I googled him and found he’s a famous film maker and a plein air painter.

His brother Mark, owner of Readings bookstores, did an introduction. 

Michael’s life journey with his art is truly fascinating and very inspiring. I don’t want to go into details here, but, it was a great privilege attending this talk and having a chat with him. 
I bought his book and he kindly signed it along with a pencil drawing. 

I want to get hold of his film ‘Vincent and Me’, but, so far I haven’t been able to. He uploaded a snippet in his YouTube channel. It really looks lovely. 

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