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Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Merry Widow by Australian Ballet

After work, I went to State Theatre. 

First off, costume and set design by Desmond Heely was stunning. I was sitting at the very back in Balcony, but, still able to experience the sumptuousness and beauty of this production. Mesmerising, really. 

Secondly, Lana Jones as a leading role Hanna. I’m a big fan. There’s something in the way she performs that I always feel transcendental. 
Particularly when she is held up in the air, her body seems so fluid that it reminds me of Dali’s melting clock. 
I once had a pleasure of attending a talk at Debra Luccio’s exhibition. Along with Kevin Jackson, they talked about their life as a dancer. It was a fascinating experience hearing their stories. 

Watching her performing tonight was special with all star cast from the Australian Ballet and Orchestra Victoria. 
It was quite humorous all through and a touching waltz by Hanna and Danilo as a finale, followed by standing ovations. 

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