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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Painting trip to Kergunyah - Day 2

I drove to Mt Beauty this morning. 
I wasn’t sure where I should be painting so I kept driving towards Falls Creek. It was a long winding road high up in the mountains, I started to feel wasting my time, so I decided to chuck a u-ey. 

Then I finally found a place to paint. This is at Sullivans Lookout on C536 towards Bright. 

It’s a great view, but I struggled. I think I failed to get a distance right. It’s a shame. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

Because it was already 4pm, I decided to paint the second one closer to Kergunyah. I came across this scene at Mongans Bridge on Mullagong Rd. 

I really enjoyed this one. It was very peaceful, I could only hear birds chirping, nothing else. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

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