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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Evita at State Theatre

After work I went to Arts Centre. 
I’ve seen a film featuring Madonna, but never seen a musical production, so I was very excited. 

Well, it was fabulous. 

Eva by Tina Arena was impressive with her vocal range. Paulo Szot as Peron was most powerful as a baritone. Kurt Kansley as Che was also brilliant with his versatile styles. 

The set design and costumes are all great. 

The song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” is often credited as the best song in the play. 
But I always preferred “Another suitcase in another hall”.  In the film, Madonna sang it, but, that was a travesty. It should be sung by a teenage mistress. That’s why the song is so touching. 

I was anxiously waiting for that moment. To me, that was the highlight of the evening. 
So beautiful, and moving. Amazing soprano voice by Alexis van Maanen. What a talent! So young and promising. 

Here’s the clip of the scene. Again, whoever sang it in this production, I think she did a great job here. 

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