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Monday, December 31, 2018

Plein Air Oil Painting

Weather was very promising. I decided to go back to Williamstown this afternoon. 
I was looking for some other places to paint, and I stumbled across this spot across Scienceworks. 
It’s called Spotswood Jetty. There’s Westgate Punt ferry service to and from here. 

The good thing about this spot is, there’s a pagoda so that I was able to avoid direct sunlight. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, although the colour of water wasn’t quite right. 
I spent 3 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

It was so pleasant that I decided to do another one. A small sketch. I moved slightly to the left this time. 

This was more like watercolour effect using oil painting. Although it’s small I carefully measured angles. Late afternoon sunlight was just gorgeous. 
I think I got the colour of water right this time. 
I’m very happy with this one. 
I spent 1.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 12x8in. 

I almost forgot today is New Year’s Eve. Well, I’m not really interested in this kind of thing. What’s the difference anyway?
It was a great day, though. 

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