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Friday, January 25, 2019

Beethoven Complete Sonatas by Richard Goode

Beethoven’s monumental sonatas are always my favourite. It’s like reading Van Gogh’s letters. Very personal insights and feelings expressed in a very touching way. 
I thought now is the time to get a complete set. 
The agonising question was, which pianist?

I’m no expert on music, therefore I can’t say which one  is the best in terms of virtuosity and truthfulness. I think no one can, especially when it comes to ‘complete set’. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one’s taste. 

It’s amazing to notice how different each pianist plays these sonatas. I’ve gone through most of the ‘sets’ in iTunes using ‘Moonlight Sonata’ as a reference.  
Then, there were three left.  Daniel Barenboim, Jean-Bernard Pommier and Richard Goode. 
I listened to previews of these pianists one by one. The sound quality, texture, expression...

Richard’s lyrical interpretations of these works  finally won me over. I’m happy. 

Here’s one of my favourite, Pastorale No 15, on YouTube. 

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