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Monday, July 22, 2019

The Dream of Reason, The Dream of Enlightenment

Two great audiobooks by Audible. Written and narrated by Anthony Gottlieb. 

Each subtitle says it all. “A history of Western Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance“ and “The Rise of Modern Philosophy“.

I particularly liked the first one. Pre-Socratic to three giants, to Stoics etc... these stories are fascinating.  I have to say, the second one didn’t grab me much except Hume. I found scientific discovery of this era more interesting than ‘modern philosophy’ like Descartes, Hobbs... Also the section about Voltaire, my favourite, is very short. 

What I like most about the author is, he often goes like, “in other words”, “for example”, to clarify the rather complicated philosophical points. That was very helpful. 

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