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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

Another great audiobook from ABC Audio, written by Clare Wright and narrated by Kate Hosking.

My reading experience of ‘You Daughters of  Freedom’ was so good that I thought I had to get this one as soon as I finished it. 

As the first book of ‘Democracy Trilogy’, this book gives us detailed accounts of Eureka Stocksade which I had no knowledge of. 

Her determined approach to storytelling as a prominent feminist and meticulous research in the history of this epoch event succeed wonderfully in this book. 

Following all those biographical details, one might feel somehow ‘dry’ or ‘tedious’. I didn't.
By weaving them together at the same time maintaining good narratives in itself is a great achievement by the author. Also, as an audio format engagingly read by the narrator, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly recommended. 

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