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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fitzroy Arts Precinct

Glorious day four!

There're still some good galleries in the area.

Fehily Contemporary is a wonderful gallery, but, very difficult to find.
I had a great chat with the director, Ms Fehily, and she was lovely.

This exhibition, 'To see a world in a grain of sand...', by Marion Borgelt is one of the best I've seen this week.
The title is a quote from one of my favourite poets, William Blake, and the artist explores the notion of time, space and motion.

She's obviously a multi-faceted artist, working not only in paintings, but, glass and sculpture.

I was fascinated by the diversity of the works on display, and they're all extremely high quality outputs.

'Tell them I said something' by Roh Singh at Dianne Tanzer Gallery.
This one is interesting.
Singh uses the pitch of sound wave, from the last words of famous figures before they died, and transforms them into sculpture.
My favourite is
"It's better to burn out than to fade away."
Kurtz Cobain

Also on display is Callum Cooper's video work, 'Somersault'.
I like it very much, it's mesmerising.

Here's another one by this promising video artist.
It's not the same, but, you'll get some idea.

'Thread' by Anita Mertzlin at Kick Gallery.
Her still life paintings look traditional, but, somehow I've found they're very modern.
I was told by the director that she also works in surrealism style.

'Edge of Tasmania' by Mark Clements, 'Prelude' by James Riches at Red Gallery.

Tibetan Art at Chapman & Bailey Gallery.

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