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Monday, September 17, 2012

Freud's Naked Truths

This superb documentary gives us a rare glimpse of one of the giants in the history of modern art.

Born as a grandson of the founder of psychoanalysis, he had a troubled childhood as a Jew during the war, and complexed relationship with his mother. Also, his utter indifference to academia saw him kicked out of a boarding school.

However, his talent for art was noticed early in his life, and embarked on his lifelong passion for painting.

Francis Bacon's influence on his works is quite well-known, and amazing thing is, he wasn't swayed at all by the trend of the art scenes during 60s and 70s, when figurative works were completely obliterated.

It is only in the 80s when he finally started to be recognised, first in the UK, and America, the rest is history.

Featuring interviews with his families, models and art critics, this film clearly shows this man's genius, that is, insatiable appetite for capturing human emotions in the form of painting.

"The promise of happiness is felt in the act of creation, but disappears towards the completion of the work."

"For it is then that the painter realises that it is only a picture he is painting."

"Until then he had almost dared to hope that the picture might spring to life."

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