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Sunday, October 07, 2012


As part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, Dancehouse presented ten performances this evening.

I love this place in Carlton.
It's a very intimate space. Although I don't know much about contemporary dance, I'm always fascinated by physicality, energy, sensuality and lyricism of dancers.

Coupled with music and lighting, the theatre will be transformed into creative sanctuary, and audience will experience some kind of transcendence.

Here're some of performances I liked.

Abrielle - Fiona Bryant
          Very sensual and elegant.

Sun in Theta - Michaela Pegum
          Simply beautiful body movement.

In the Periphery - Alice Dixon + Caroline Meaden
          Youthful energy.

in formation - Chimene Steele-Prior
          Amazingly flexible body performance. I loved it.

Con-sequence - Simone Litchfield
          Theatrical, dynamic dance.

Kali - Fiona Gardner (S.A.)
          Fascinating lizard like creature.

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