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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

George Orwell - A Life in Pictures

Another superb docudrama by BBC about the life of one of my favourite writers.

I think '1984' is one of the most important novels ever written.

As Christopher Hitchens argues in his book, 'Why Orwell Matters', Orwell was right about the three big issues of the 20th century -- Imperialism, Fascism, and Communism: something almost no other of his contemporaries can claim.

What lies beneath these three isms is totalitarian dictatorship. Orwell and Hitchens detested it. "Visceral loathing", Hitchens used to say.

Why Orwell matters now?
That's because our liberal democracy is under serious attack from the worst form of totalitarianism; theocracy.

That's why Orwell's and Hitchens' writings must be read by anyone who values our liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.
And we must fight against those who try to impose their deluded divinity upon us by violence, coersion and intimidation.

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