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Monday, July 22, 2013

'Turner' public lecture at Melbourne Uni

Dr Joyce Townsend from Tate had a public lecture with Michael Cathart as part of Radio National program.

She is a specialist in conservation of Turner's paintings, sharing very fascinating stories about the artist's materials, technique and life.

I didn't know that his father was a barber, and unlike other parents, he encouraged his son to pursue creative career, often telling his clients in a shop that, "My son is going to be a great painter."
Actually, he played a role of the artist's assistant and opened a gallery for him.

Turner was a very impatient and reckless painter, more interested in immediate effect, putting layer upon layers, resulting in many cracks on canvas.

In his "Snow Storm", X-ray shows the way he painted this masterpiece, sweeping brushstrokes with whole arm to depict moving water.

There were lots of fascinating stories like this, and I really had a great time.

I feel like going to Canberra to see the exhibition.

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