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Sunday, August 11, 2013

'Lyon Housemuseum' in Kew, Melbourne

I've been meaning to go to this private house cum contemporary art museum for a long time, and finally I managed to have a close look this morning.
Understandably, it's not open to public very often.

Designed by Corbett Lyon, who comes from a well known architect family, the building has impressive and unique design features. 

For example, the wall surrounding the house has a street name on it that you can see from across the street.
And, the interior wall has tens of thousands of words that were laser printed; names of their friends, places, etc, some Chinese letters, too.

There are also some hidden storage spaces behind the walls. Reading space, and music space with a custom made pipe organ.
Mr Lyon played beautiful organ cantata by J.S. Bach. He is so talented.

Main exhibition features sculptures by my favourite Emily Floyd. Playful, happy and brilliantly coloured works scattered around the garden.

Other prominent artists on display are Howard Arkley, Callum Morton, Patricia Piccinini.

It really was a fascinating experience going through all those contemporary works in this modern building.
The place was filled not only with soft winter sunshine, but also very powerful creative energy, and I loved it.

You should definitely see for yorself.
Here is the link.

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