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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ian Parry, David Moore, Simon Finn...

At James Markin Galleries in Fitzroy.

Ian Parry's highly abstract Tasmanian seascape paintings are beautiful rendition of his passion and concern for its enviornment.
I love these paintings. I was told by a receptionist that he's a great colourist, and I can see it clearly.
Unlike other abstract paintings I often come across, his paintings are not, what should I say, boring.
I think that's all to do with his masterful use of colours.

In a foyer space, David Moore exhibits his recent paintings. I loved his figurative paintings.
Simplified shapes of dancers and fabrics are beautifully represented.

Cleverly titled 'Vertex/Vortex', this multi desciplined artist Simon Finn shows his deep knowledge and highly skilled technique at Fehily Contemporary.

Inspired by NASA's Mars Rover mission, he uses sculpture, photos, video and drawings to blur the boundary between what's real and not, drawing viewers into his seductive and mysterious visual phychology. 

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