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Friday, August 16, 2013

Rick Amor, Stephen Giblett, Craig Easton, Christopher Frey...

Rick Amor is my favourite artist and here, he is celebrating his 30 year association with Niagara Galleries.
This sold-out exhibition shows his recent paintings.

I just love his style. His paintings tell a story to viewers. The scene often contains figures in desolate urban landscape with subdued colours.

Somehow his works remind me of De Chirico, Edward Hopper and Jeffery Smart.

At Anna Pappas Gallery, I had a pleasant surprise.

Stephen Giblett is an extremely talented painter with a superb hyper-realistic description of his subject matter.
I used to draw with his father at Princess Hill, and I actually met Stephen once.
I had no idea of this exhibition, but, well, what a talent he is.
I spoke to a receptionist, and she told me how he approaches his works these days.
I remember seeing his work at Metro Gallery when he was a finalist, since then, his subjects have changed a big time.
She told me that he gets ideas from photos taken on his smartphone, therefore, they are already somehow blurred, and he paints these images hyper-realistically. Brilliant.

'50 Variations' by Craig Easton at Nellie Castan Gallery.

These site specific installations of his abstract works occupy the gallery beautifully, offering Zen like meditative space and time.

Anita at Anita Traverso Galley is one of the nicest gallery owners I've ever met.
Not only she's very passionate about art, but also she always welcomes visitors like me with her open arms.
I really appreciate the time she spends explaining these art works on display. I enjoy a chat with her a lot.

'Globelight 2013' is an exhibition of works that are all to do with, yes, light.
I really enjoyed this one, probably the best I've seen in this gallery. Fabulous design works beautifully curated.

Look at this one by Ilan El. It's very clever. There are three nobs, reperesenting "RGB".
By turning each one of them, the colour of light emanating from behind changes. I love it.

One thing that stands out in the gallery is this video work 'Explosions' by Christopher Frey.
I usually don't like so-called video art, but, this one is really great. Deep and philosophical exploration of human existence.
Here is his words.

"Explosions is a cinematic exploration of the concept of a non-violent, metaphysical explosion; a transition from one level of consciousness to another.
Whilst attempting to remain theologically neutral, the film alludes to certain religious and philosophical text, from the Tao De Ching and Oshoism to Christian eschatology."

It's really a mesmerising piece of work, winning several awards at St Kilda Film Festival 2013.
You have to see this one.

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