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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Andrew Potter 'Beautiful Jarlings' exhibition

Andrew is a great friend of mine. He was a finalist of Sulman Prize in 2012.

I see him at Princess Hill life drawing class, or at Last Peek Studio in Thornbury.

Watching him create a great work of art with my naked eyes is always a great pleasure and learning opportunity for me.

This exhibition at Obscura Gallery is a big step forward for him. His painting style seems to have changed a big time since last exhibition.

I can't make it on the opening day, but, definitely check it out.

Opening: Thursday 17 October  6:30pm
Until Thursday 14 November

"Andrew C. Potter is a surrealist painter based in Melbourne.
A former US marine, Andrew offers an unusual unique perspective to his craft.
Drawing from his experiences in the military, Andrew adopts a literal interpretation to the term 'jarhead'.
Andrew's current series embodies the jar morphed with the human figure, which he has termed, Beautiful Jarlings.
Through his paintings, Andrew explores themes of sexuality, greed and masculinity."

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