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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Australian Synchrotron Open Day

This year's Nobel Prize for Physics was co-shared by Peter Higgs, for whom Higgs Boson was christened.

There's a bit of controversies as to who really deserve it.
There's no doubt of his enormous theoretical contribution, but, there're some other scientists who, I assume, should be recognised.

This is always the problem of this prestigious prize.

Also, thousands of experimental scientists at CERN who confirmed its existence. How do you recognise their hard work?

The point is, this huge endeavour is really a collective effort.

I really don't understand Particle Physics at all, although I studied it at Uni.
It's amazing some human beings develop such brilliant brains as to understand these things, theorising them, confirming their validity by building monster machines such as particle accelerators.

It was really great to have a chat with some scientists working in this Synchrotron.

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