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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Hiro cuts my hair" T-shirt

Mary Quant once remarked that "Vidal Sassoon was the first hairdresser to cut hair as though it were a material."
She recognised that his cutting hair was something deeply creative, and his hairstyle was nothing but artwork in motion.
It's a very sharp observation befitting the founding father of modern haircutting.

Cutting fabrics is not my forte, but, I always wish I could design clothes that are very unique and original.

I have a client who runs a company called Twisted Printz. The link is here.
She told me that I can easily create T-shirts using my own drawings, photos or any images printed on them.

That really got me interested. I often joked about making the T-shirt with "Hiro cuts my hair" on it for my clients to wear. I thought, although I can't design it from scratch, I can still create something that is the one and only.

So, I decided to have a go.

And, here it is. Kate from Zucci Hairdressing in Ivanhoe, wearing T-shirt that has her portrait (painted by me) printed on it.

She's lovely.

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