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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Melbourne University lecture - The Universe and The Large Hadron Collider

Subtitled 'Is the truth really out there?', this lecture by Professor Mark Kruse was very timely, considering this year's Nobel accolade for the theorist of Higgs Boson.

He offered a very spirited talk with minimum technical details, telling us what has been going on at LHC in Switzerland.

I particularly liked his demonstration of the idea of Higgs Field, using magnets.
When a plastic goes through magnetically charged metal cylinder, it falls straight down to a floor.
But, when a magnet goes through it, it falls a lot more slowly, due to the effect of magnetic field.

That's a brilliant analogy of how different particles interact with Higgs Field, gaining mass in the process.

Next year, LHC resumes its operation with much higher energy.
He told us that they may be able to answer some questions like, the nature of Dark Matter, the possibility of higher dimensions, etc.

What LHC won't answer is questions like, the nature of Dark Energy, how Big Bang happened, etc.

These are really fascinating questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture.

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