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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

'Short + Sweet Dance' at Chapel Off Chapel

There are sixteen performances by emerging or established choreographers and dancers.

The range of their styles and themes are very diverse, and here are some performances I liked this evening.

Maud L├ęger is from France, and I met her a couple of times at life drawing session.
She's a brilliant model, a joy to draw.

Her work, Pour l’instant, transforms surrounding stimuli into dance performance.
She told me that most of their movements were improvised. Amazing.

'The Other' by Ashley McLellan was a great solo, showing her flexible and energetic movements beautifully.

'Out of No Thing
', choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael
, was a standout.
Their costume, sound and lighting were very cool.
Each performers had a solid skill to render this fast-moving, fluid theatrical piece effortlessly.
It was really beautiful.

'Chink' by Amber McCartney was another knockout performance.
She has this incredible ability to use her body so fast that it seems all her bones can move independently.
It's worth paying for this second show tonight just to see her.
It was truly a mesmerising solo dance and I loved it.

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