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Sunday, January 05, 2014

'Drop by Drawing' at NGV

On every Sunday in January, NGV will conduct free drawing sessions as part of Melbourne Now exhibition.

I've never done drawing in a big gallery room, copying old masters' masterpieces.
That's the way artists have always been learning for centuries.

So, when I heard that there will be a class today, I decided to have a go.

Today we had Minna Gilligan as an instructor in the beautiful 18th Century Galleries.

Starting from 'automatic drawing', where we keep contour drawing without looking at paper, to abstraction, etc.... She gave us an invaluable guidance in a very friendly manner, and I loved it.

The whole room was packed with very enthusiastic artists from all ages, and it really was a wonderful experience.

I have to say, I was a bit of struggling at first. Again, I've never done this kind of thing in a huge space with so many people.
I always have a problem doing abstraction. And I ended up line drawing, although I tried tonal drawing at first.
I completely lost a plot.

I had a quick chat with her after the session. She gave me good tips for drawing. It was great.

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