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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Railway Man

This is a fascinating true story involving former enemy soldiers during and after World War Two.

I didn't know anything about Takashi Nagase, who wrote a book 'Crosses And Tigers', recounting his experience and expressing deep remorse.
I have no idea how it was received in Japan when it was published.
It's very interesting to know.

The film skilfully moves back and forwards with very clever transitions of time.

All the actors are brilliant with very effective and moving soundtrack.

The only thing I found missing is, the film spent so much time depicting their horrendous captivity, and that's fine by me.
But, it tells very little about how Eric comes to reconcile with Nagase. I really wish the film dealt with his psychology much more deeply.

Also, Nagase's transformation after the war must be very fascinating, too.

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