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Friday, January 31, 2014

RAW-Melbourne presents AWAKENING

I had never heard of this worldwide art organization.
Its concept is very interesting. Very diverse range of artists get together and showcase their work in a very friendly environment.

Visual art, performing art, photography, jewellery design, film, fashion, hair, makeup....

It was a very interesting event at Melbourne Pavilion in Flemington.
Some artists I liked.... Alexandra Lederman, Joshua Flelding, Pippa Dodds, Pip Summervilles, Steph Doran.
I had a great chat with Joshua about his oil paintings. Very emotive figurative work.

And this is Carla Garro. Her website is here.
I met her a couple of times before when she exhibited her jewellery at her graduation exhibition.
I was very glad to see her again, and how she's been doing very well in her artistic pursuit.
They're all beautiful. I bought this one on the left.

And this hairstyle is the work of Shakira Petrucci at Zucci Hairdressing.

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