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Friday, March 14, 2014

Glen Hansard at Melbourne Recital Centre

I can't remember how many times I watched 'Once'. But I do remember that this is the first time I bought a soundtrack immediately after watching a film.

Such is the fascination and emotional pull I experienced from this film.

Since then, I've been following his music career as Swell Season, and his recent solo album.

And, here he is. At this beautiful building with the best acoustic facility in Melbourne.

I have to say that words utterly fail to describe how great the whole thing was.

His powerful and lyrical vocal performance is legendary, and it really was fantastic to see him on stage.
He started as a solo and then half way through, he introduced string quartet. Then drums....
There were songs from The Frames as well, and I loved that.

There were numerous standing ovations, and the whole place was electrified. The energy of these guys on stage was infectious. It was just wonderful.

Well over three hours, he just kept singing. There's no mistake of his passion for music and song writing. And his heart-felt kindness for people, on stage and in the audience.

With Lisa O’Neill as a special guest, it was a memorable night.

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